Winner of 2018 San Diego's Best of Poll - Vegan Manufacturer

The Cheez Story

My love of cheese paved the way to MylkDog Notcho Cheez. I was determined to create a great tasting vegan nacho “cheese” that my family and I could enjoy.  My family and I suffered illnesses that were linked to the consumption of cow’s milk, therefore my goal was to create an alternative cheese that we could all enjoy. 

Growing up, my mother would purchase large cans of processed nacho cheese which I devoured. As an adult, I realized that there was a lack of great tasting alternative cheese.

After many attempts, I had finally found the perfect balance using eleven ingredients and MylkDog Notcho Cheez was created. 
A harmonious blend of spice and creaminess quickly became a family favorite. Best of all, this "cheese" contains no dairy, soy or gluten. As a San Diego native, I enjoy Tacos, Nachos, Pizza, Chili, and Salads. MylkDog Notcho Cheez adds an extra layer of flavor to all of my favorite foods.

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